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emfluence Earns a 5-Star Rating on Clutch – emfluence Digital Marketing

As a digital marketing agency, our mission is to provide our clients with the tools they need to effectively reach their audiences online. We specialize in services such as email marketing, SEO, and web design to help bring your company directly to your customers on a channel they are comfortable with. Much to our excitement, […]

Audience Targeting Guide for Google Ads, Facebook, CRM, & More

Early on in my career, my peers and I focused a lot on individual keyword bids. If Cost Per Action was too high, lower your bids. If you want a higher volume of traffic, increase your bids! With the increasing availability and sophistication of Bid Automation (which I’ll cover in a later post), I focus […]

Gmail’s Promotions Tab Gets a Visual Lift – emfluence Digital Marketing

If you have Gmail, then your inbox just got more visual! You may have noticed that Google has made some updates to their Gmail Promotions Tab recently that allow for marketers to display their deals and discounts in a way that may have a better chance at grabbing subscriber’s attention.   Visuals for Your Gmail […]

Understanding Marketing Attribution Models – emfluence Digital Marketing

As marketers, one of the biggest challenges we face is proving the ROI of our marketing initiatives. Marketing has evolved. More and more, marketing should be viewed as an investment in business growth rather than an expense that is a “cost of doing business.” The data we can collect from our marketing efforts, both online […]

10 Ways to Integrate Your Email Strategy and Website Strategy

Your website and email strategies support each other. One of your website tasks is growing your email list – with email signup forms, gated content, etc. – while your targeted email campaigns drive traffic, engagement and transactions back on the website. Without mutual support and close integration, they’re not as successful.   To give you […]

Email Design by the Numbers – emfluence Digital Marketing

We’re all about easy—this running list is designed to be your go-to cheat sheet for the latest email designs by the numbers. Bookmark this page as you plan out your next email campaigns.   What’s the Best Width for an Email? If you want a safe bet, shoot for 600 pixels. 600 pixels is the […]

Using Your CRM to Prove Your Worth as a Marketer

You know the stereotype: in a number of organizations, Marketing is a cost center. It’s the department of pretty pictures and branding campaigns. The department where budget goes to disappear.   But marketers, we know that’s not true. We’re measuring, we’re influencing, and we’re driving in tons of opportunity. The problem isn’t that we’re a […]

How To Use LinkedIn Sponsored InMail to Enhance Your Next Campaign

Don’t have email addresses for everyone on your marketing list? Try adding LinkedIn Sponsored InMail as a touchpoint to your next campaign. How Does LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Work? Sponsored InMail offers a great way to digitally reach prospects outside of the email inbox. Sponsored InMail delivers a message you create—much like a standard LinkedIn message—to […]

17 Ways to Measure Website ROI – emfluence Digital Marketing

Re-building websites costs money and time. The trick to approval is justifying the expense. It has been my experience that rarely is the decision to rebuild a website up to one person. That being said, since different internal team members will need to be excited and inspired by the idea to rebuild, you will want […]

Enhancing Your Paid Search Campaigns – emfluence Digital Marketing

On November 1st, I will be a part of a 3 person panel at SEMPO Cities KC on the topic of Exploding ROI with Paid Search. As a precursor to this presentation (note to self: work on this presentation!), I wanted to share a few thoughts on what is working in Paid Search…and Paid Social. […]

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