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Digital Marketing

How To Use LinkedIn Sponsored InMail to Enhance Your Next Campaign

Don’t have email addresses for everyone on your marketing list? Try adding LinkedIn Sponsored InMail as a touchpoint to your next campaign. How Does LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Work? Sponsored InMail offers a great way to digitally reach prospects outside of the email inbox. Sponsored InMail delivers a message you create—much like a standard LinkedIn message—to […]

Digital Marketing

17 Ways to Measure Website ROI – emfluence Digital Marketing

Re-building websites costs money and time. The trick to approval is justifying the expense. It has been my experience that rarely is the decision to rebuild a website up to one person. That being said, since different internal team members will need to be excited and inspired by the idea to rebuild, you will want […]

Digital Marketing

A User Generated Content Guide for Community Banks & Credit Unions

Once upon a time, community banks and credit unions cornered the market on personalized communications and a neighbor-to-neighbor experience for their customers. But now, with the help of marketing automation platforms, big banks are poised to take back the customer experience. If community banks and credit unions hope to challenge those big banks, they’ll need […]

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing Goals Worth Pursuing | emfluence

If you’re reading this blog I’m sure that by now you’ve done some research and have heard the phrase, “Content is King.” Well, for most it’s a fact. For those to whom the phrase rings true, content marketing is a major component of ongoing digital marketing strategies. Establishing well-defined content marketing goals is the critical […]

Digital Marketing

The New Look of LinkedIn Groups – emfluence Digital Marketing

LinkedIn has completely overhauled their LinkedIn Group’s experience, and I have to say that I am loving it. Back in February, LinkedIn completely scrapped their standalone Groups app, in an effort to reintegrate it back into the core user experience of the platform.   Last month LinkedIn introduced their new and improved Groups experience and […]

Digital Marketing

8 Tips on Email Accessibility – emfluence Digital Marketing

With an increasing amount of attention and commitment to accessibility in recent years, you’ve probably given thought to optimizing your website for individuals with disabilities, but what about email accessibility? Natalie offers some considerations in a recent post on what you need to know about website ADA compliance, but it’s important to think beyond your […]

Digital Marketing

The Art of the Milestone Email – emfluence Digital Marketing

I’ll be the first to admit that the amount of data available to marketers can be a little overwhelming. Consumers want their online experiences to be personalized, but if it’s too personalized, they get a little creeped out. How do we use the data that is readily available tastefully? And before that, how do we […]

Digital Marketing

How to Build a Social Media Calendar for the Academic Year

Summer vacation is almost here, but don’t swap your shoes for flipflops just yet. For marketers in higher education, this is the perfect time to map out your social media calendar for the academic year.   Social media is a key component of a good content marketing plan, and like any plan, you should start […]

Digital Marketing

How to Expand Your Email Strategy Beyond the Newsletter

By now you’ve mastered the art of sending a weekly newsletter to your entire subscriber list. Your newsletter is an easy to read email that has established and maintained customer-brand relationships directing traffic to your website ­­– each section of the email dedicated to a particular topic (read more about the elements of a successful newsletter […]

Digital Marketing

What’s the Difference between Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Click

Attracting the right kind of leads—you know, the ones that actually want to buy something from you—is one of the B2B marketer’s biggest challenges. You can pay for clicks or you can pay for impressions, and while both options have value, neither option guarantees you a high volume of truly interested, sales-ready leads.   Fortunately, […]

Digital Marketing

The Art of the Transactional Email – emfluence Digital Marketing

When you think about transactional messages you are probably thinking about the email receipt you get after a purchase or possibly a password reset email. But transactional messages really represent a much broader range of messaging. For marketers, there are a couple of great things about transactional messages. First, they are expected. Recipients often know […]

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